Beautiful Dagger Trigger

Best overall triggers I have installed into my Glock 19 And into my PSA Dagger which I will be posting this week. Aside from engineering the best designed drop in trigger for Glock and clones that I have installed (from Alpha Timney to Apex, and Zev...RAMM TACTICAL has the best business practices unparalleled since the 50's & 60's. Wherein if you stumble across any problem, you get a call or email back super fast with a solution I say this having no incentives other than finding an awesome trigger that does not change or harm the functionality of the stock pistol as others have. A huge thanks to Karl RAMM Chief Engineer and owner of RAMM TACTICAL. WHO answered my call and helped me understand why my trigger trouble existed and how to fix it. Who the heck does that these days? Beautiful job on the Dagger Trigger!!

Daniel C. (04-01-24)

I tried them all!

I am retired military, and law-enforcement. I have tried almost all of the aftermarket triggers, and had issues of one kind or another, mostly light primer strikes due to  lightening firing pin springs, causing issues. The RAMM Tactical trigger is hands-down, the best trigger I have ever used for a Glock. It makes my Glock on par with the Walther PDP performance trigger. A great product and I would recommend it to anyone either Tactical or competition. It’s a great trigger.

Michael H. (03-22-24)

Great Engineering!!!

I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for a great product ! I have a Johnny Glock combat trigger on my Glock 45 and I recently purchased your Ramm Leverage trigger package for my Glock 43x. I wish I would have found your triggers before I bought the Johnny Glock trigger. You have produced a smother feeling trigger with a crisp break. I will be equipping another firearm with a Ramm. Great engineering Sir !!!

Les K. (03-07-24)

This is a great product

Installed on a 43x MOS. I’m going to order another for my carry. Thinking slightly heavier pull. Maybe high 3s or 4. Again, dude you have a great product!

Michael A. (03-06-24)

Amazing Trigger!

Wanted to say thank you again for the help with the 43x trigger. Installed it and was amazed at how smooth it felt. Exactly as described and at the pull weight I ordered. Couldn’t be happier. Any idea when the back order shipments for the p365 triggers will go out? Excited to get that one as well.

Bryan P. (03-03-24)

Love the Trigger

Received my Shadow Systems CR-920 Ramm trigger today. I ordered the Leverage Trigger. I installed the New Ramm Trigger (ONLY) because I'm happy with a 3 to 4 lb trigger. In less than 15 minutes. I racked the slide about 5 times before testing the trigger pull with my gauge. The results are as advertised between 3.5 - 4 lbs. GREAT JOB RAMM!!

Jim A. (02-22-24)

G48 Leverage Trigger

Thank you. I received the trigger in the mail today and installed it this evening. And it works great!!! I don’t know what it was, but you figured it out and now I am tremendously please.

Tom F. (02-18-24)

Gen4 Leverage Trigger

I have tried Apex, shadow systems and timney. All have failed my expectations. I installed the Ramm Tactical trigger. Crossed my fingers and was very impressed with the short take up, quick reset and no over travel. There is no creep and the break is crisp. I kept all the original springs and safeties. I could not be more impressed. Went out the next day and shot steel. No issues at all. Service was super fast. Ordered on Christmas day and had it installed on the 29th. Thank you again!

Dave S. (01-03-24)

Best G43X Trigger

I went to the range and fired 32 rounds of the best shot group I have ever had out of a handgun. I was going to email you then, but I wanted to fire more rounds thru just to see if that was just an incredibly good day. Yesterday, I put thru my G43x with your trigger the 500th round. Since your trigger, I have consistently had the best groupings (with a pistol) of my life (I was with the 2/75 Ranger Battalion from 2000-2004, PSD Blackwater 2004-2007, Ambassadors Protective Detail w/Triple Canopy 2007-2010, Maritime security with Nexus 2010-2012) I cannot thank you enough for your trigger and for taking the time out of your day to sell it to me. I would’ve been at such a loss if you did not. I am forever grateful. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas. My God Bless you and your family and may God Bless America.

Steve B. (12-22-23)

Better Than Timney

I just installed the above-mentioned trigger in my G45. I have to say that I am very impressed. First the component install is so much better than Timney's. Second the pull and reset is up to par or even better than the Timney that I had on it. This is going to be my main trigger system from now on, I am just surprised that there is not more publicity for your triggers. Definitely going to spread the word.

Steve L. (12-14-23)

Dead On-Drop In

The handgunmarket is awash with aftermarket trigger options. Some are great and some are less so. One that lands in the great category is the RAMM Tactical Leverage trigger for Glock handguns! To say that there was a difference in the trigger would be a massive understatement! The Leverage trigger solves our trigger challenge without a massive modification to the factory gun. My accuracy and speed was 60% better than with my go to trigger!

Fred M. - Combat Handguns Magazine (11-27-23)

CR920 Trigger Awesomeness!

Karl, I would like to brag on my CR920P Trigger Awesomeness! I've got my trigger pull down to 2 pounds, 10 ounces, which is where I want it. It's 12 degrees F this morning but I'm so excited that I'll brave the cold to shoot. I really appreciate your phone call and expert advice pointing me in the correct direction.

John W.(11-27-23)

Timney Trigger Woes

I put a Timney Alpha trigger into my Gen5 G17, so-so trigger. The reset was sluggish and the trigger pulled at about 3 3/4lbs. It has a crisp break, but everything else was disappointing. I purchased a Vex trigger shoe to replace the Timney and a few of their components and allot of polishing. It breaks at 3 1/2 lbs. Though it feels better, I spent a lot of $$. I compared it to your Leverage trigger for the same gun and it pulls at 3 1/2lbs with close to the same break. Your trigger is no hype! It's the real deal.

Todd (11-18-23)

G43X and G19 Awesomeness

Best Glock triggers ever purchase. My wife scored 100 on her LEO training course with it. Can't say enough about how perfect these triggers are. We've tried most of the high end triggers available and I came upon your website while browsing around. You're a diamond in the rough, Karl. I'm glad I found you guys. Thank you so much for a terrific product!

Jeff W. (11-06-23)

Dynamic Firearms

I installed the trigger on my 43X and went shooting with it last night. It works phenomenal, butter smooth trigger pull. People at the range were impressed with it down here in South Florida. It worked with all kinds of ammunition. I did leave the stock striker spring in and replaced the safety plunger spring included. Thank you for making a great product!

Anthony G. (10-27-23)

RAMM Tactical over Timney

Karl, I installed your Glock Performance upgrade Leverage trigger. At 10 Yards, I double tapped as fast as I could. Less than 1" group. I compared your system to Timney and so far I prefer RAMM Tactical. Yours is a far more crisp trigger and the reset resembles that of a Glock factory reset. I intend to post this on my FaceBook if that's ok with you. And intend to produce more test samples.

Myron S. (10-23-23)

GST-9 Ugraded trigger

Hey Karl, just thought I'd give you an update. I just ran about 250 rounds through my new gun on some USPSA drills, along with a bunch of dry fire. The trigger is phenomenal, I accidentally double tapped a couple times. It's definitely the best striker-fired trigger I own. It'll take some getting used to, but in a good way. I'm super happy with it.

Josiah H. (10-21-23)

Shadow Systems CR920

Excellent triggers! I’ve had a few different aftermarket triggers in various guns but the RAMM Tactical trigger in my CR920 is by far the most precise and pleasant feeling one I’ve ever owned in a glock style gun. Thanks, Karl! I hope all is well and I hope the conference goes well. We need to get the word out about these triggers!

Anthony Y. (10-20-23)

Glock G43X Perfection

Trigger arrived today, and I put it right in. It is exactly what I was hoping for, a great trigger for my Glock 43X.

Carter U. (10-11-23)

Shadow XR920

Like to thank Karl for multiple return phone calls (over the weekend I might add). This trigger is nothing short of awesome after a solid 500 rds . It's everything you said it would be and more with a pull weight of 3.3 to 3.6 on the gauge it's as smooth as butter the reset is very crisp and tactile with a nice audible click 👌

Billy P. (10-10-23)

OG Gun Builder

I think I have 6 Leverage triggers now? 4 various gen 3 19 clones and 2 Glocks. I have run every trigger you have probably ever heard of. Recently sticking to building and tuning my own on Glock parts only. From Vogel, Johnny Glock, Taran TTI, Overwatch, Apex, Pyramid and probably 20 more. Ramm Tactical is a true plug and play option that will give you a solid crisp break around 3.5lbs with very short reset (without being dangerous), and cleans up the pre-travel mush, creep and infamously gritty Glock trigger. I performed some 10ft drops for safety tests (multiple guns w Ramm Triggers) with 100% pass rate. Customer Service is awesome. I have a new Trigger Guy and Ramm Tactical Triggers / Karl is all I will recommend for builds and personal use going forward.

Steven G. (10-08-23)

Awesome GLock G19 Aftermarket Trigger

Thanks Karl. Always a pleasure working with you. I installed my Ramm Tactical trigger in my G19 and was absolutely crushing it at the range. Night and day difference. Really appreciate it.

Erich E. (09-22-23)

recent issue of Combat Handguns magazine

After reading your review of RAMM Tactical’s Glock trigger in the recent issue of Combat Handguns magazine, I ordered the “curved” model to try out on my Glock 19. I’m very skeptical about the claims aftermarket trigger manufacturers make, but since the Glock OEM trigger is so lousy I’ve taken a chance on a few of them. Sadly, I’ve tossed or returned more than I’ve kept. I’ve been running an Overwatch Trigger for the past two years (approx. 15,000 rounds) and really like it, so really no reason to try the RAMM other than curiosity. I dropped the RAMM trigger in today and shot my first 100 rounds with it – VERY IMPRESSED! I plan to run some further tests with it, but I could definitely see an accuracy improvement (shooting 2” circles at 7 & 100 yards).

Bob J. (08-22-23)

Better than the Timney Alpha

Hey Karl. You just do a great job with your Leverage triggers for Glock pistols. My wife and I have, in earnest, evaluated it against the Timney Alpha I installed on our G34 and the stock trigger on our G26. After our period of evaluation (over a year) and thousands of rounds later. Both my wife and I have found the Ramm Tactical Leverage trigger to be excellent for our common purpose of routine training/drilling at our local range and self-defense. Compared to Timney, the reset is fast and very pronounced. The Timney trigger is a true "Franken-Trigger". The Ramm Tactical Leverage trigger is basically a Glock trigger with "smart modifications". It is not a re-design. It's more of a make really good, even better yet "still in kind" design- We have come to appreciate the Leverage trigger very much. We feel it is a far better trigger than the adequate stock Glock trigger and other after-market triggers.

Demi B. (08-15-23)

Gen3 G23 Leverage Trigger

I just finished installing my 2nd Leverage Trigger, this time, in my Glock Model #23, DUDE ! I love this trigger, and so easy to install ! Thank you brother for the LEO/Veteran discount , You make an awesome product ! Stay Safe out there Brother,

Richard S.(08-10-23)

Gen3 G17 Leverage Trigger

Very "smooth" that has so many meanings but slick and repeatable. Very crisp break with no drag. Great ergonomics, I don't like the flat triggers this one fits my finger very well and just feels natural. Nice reset!

Mike V. (08-01-23)

Best Glock Triggers I've Seen

The RAMM Tactical triggers are the best Glock triggers out there. I've tried most all, including the Timney. Most of the other guys are hype. Some are ok, but the Leverage trigger is by far, better than all of them. It's simplistic design allows you to keep the Glock as factory as possible, while still being drop safe. RAMM is not hype. They are the real deal. When I received the package I was surprised to see such few parts. They even give you a small hex key to adjust the post-travel if you need to. Mine didn't need it, but it's nice they include that. Short overall travel, crisp break and light pull. It is a very reliable trigger, no light strikes. I used the springs they provided for my slide for an awesome 3.5lb pull. I highly recommend them to all my friends. And the prices are less than the other named brands. You have to see it for yourself that's all I can say!

Todd C. (07-26-23)

Glock 43X Best Out There

Very well made video, detailed. I was worried about adjusting his trigger but now after talking to Karl the other day about putting this Ramm Trigger in my new 43x coming, it's easy and if I run into a road block I know I can call Karl to walk me through it. Like I said after seeing this video it's a no brainer to adjust it. I will post a new comment after test firing. I'm a RAMM Tactical for life guy now.

Dynamic Firearms (07-12-23)

Leverage Performance Trigger

Awesome! You are a man of your word by putting up the video just like you said you would. Thanks for the help over the phone the other day and I got a much better understanding. Now my trigger is all dialed in and man I can’t believe how excellent the trigger is. Thank you! And I will be a returning customer without a doubt and have already impressed a couple of my friends with your excellent trigger. Thanks Karl! I admire how humble and genuine you are and how much pride you take in your triggers. Before being impressed by the trigger I was thoroughly impressed with how you shipped the trigger. Excellent clean packaging with all the tools needed, a QR Code printed on the packaging for an installation video which is a very nice touch, a Ramm tactical logo decal, and a very very detailed packet of your product, it’s capabilities, specs, material, and thorough instructions of installing and setting up the trigger. Thank you!

Jaime S. (07-11-23)

Glock Performance Upgrade

I was checking out your website. Man what you did to that Glock performance trigger, NOBODY IS TOUCHING YOU. We definitely have to promote these triggers and get this out there. No johnny glock, no tactical pontoon, none of them can beat your design and what u did with Glock triggers.

John C. (07-06-23)

"Jack" Duty Trigger

I've installed that trigger. I haven't gotten the opportunity to shoot the gun yet, but I've dry-fired it a bunch of times. I kinda regret buying this trigger, because now I have to install one on all of my Glocks! Seriously, from what I can tell from dry-firing, this trigger is exactly what I was hoping it would be.

Rich A. (06-29-23)

Glock Performance Leverage Trigger

This is a performance trigger on steroids! This trigger feels better than any Timney triggers I've fired. By a long shot. Not even close. Job well done my friend. i will be telling allot of people about your triggers!

Bob C. (06-28-23)

Shadow Systems leverage Clone

Just had my gunsmith/friend install the trigger bar in my Shadow System Foundation XR 920. I am extremely impressed. I also have a Shadow System DR 920l. Is is possible to just order the trigger bar and striker spring. I want to use this as a duty carry pistol. I want the trigger pull at around four pounds. Thanks for making a such a great product.

Arthur O. (06-28-23)

G45 Glock Performance Leverage Trigger

This trigger is insane! I have been playing with Glocks for almost 30 years and I have never had a Glock perform like this. Ever! Karl, you are simply a genius! I don't know how you do it, but I feel like I've found the Holy Grail of Glock triggers. I want another one and I'll be spreading the word about your triggers! Many thanks.

Phil R. (06-27-23)

Gen5 Curved Trigger

It’s amazing! What a difference in performance! I installed all the supplied hardware and I got a 3.5 lbs. pull. I found it to be a little too soft and I fired sometimes without meaning to, so I installed the factory striker spring. After that I tested the pull and it’s around 4 lbs. I think that will be better for me. I think this was a well spent $140!!

Steve A. (06-22-23)

Glock G43X Leverage Trigger

Nice trigger. Very nice trigger. Wouldn’t reset at first but backed out the screw a 1/4 turn or so and verified I had a little extra wiggle room. My son has my trigger scale but Ill check it this weekend. Definitely lighter. Very nice. I'll spread the word at the shop and range. I guess I'll have to get one for my 48 now. My wife's going to love you! 😊

Dan H. (06-08-23)

Glock G19 Leverage Trigger

I received that trigger today and holy moly what a difference! I don’t think I can ever use a stock Glock again. It looks like I’ll be purchasing another one for my other Glock 19! I can’t freakin believe it !

Bradley R. (06-03-23)

PSA Dagger-Another Phenominal Trigger

Another phenomenal trigger job. Since my wife has the only Glock (with a Leverage trigger in it), I don't get on the Glock forums much. But I always recommend RAMM Tactical on the Dagger forums!

Tracey P. (05-30-23)

Clone Kit for Lone Wolf

I purchased a number of these Triggers from Karl. Im a Glock Armorer and view many systems. His design works the Best in all respects even when incorporated to Timney and Glock Performance. Look at the Duty rated model with the New York 1 (NY1). The leverage design just simply works well and safe.

Jack P. (05-20-23)

Glock G48 Leverage Trigger

First I’ll say thanks for the quick shipping. I purchased a trigger kit on a Saturday and you shipped the same day. I just received it today and installed it this evening. Holy smokes. I’ve been shooting Glocks my entire police career (15yrs) and always thought the trigger was lacking. You changed the game. I recently bought a Glock 48 mos and decide to upgrade the trigger and I stumbled across your YouTube tube videos. The trigger is aesthetically pleasing and functions like a dream. I am so happy with the results. Hats off to you sir on a job well done.

Court B. (03-20-23)