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What We Do

The Trigger Guy specializes in custom trigger jobs. We use the factory parts in most cases and can dial in the smoothness and trigger pull weight to your specifications. We also do generalized gunsmithing services including repairs, modifications, total gun transformations, installing sights, scope mounting and cleaning services. We manufacture Glock clones, custom AR15 builds chambered in 5.56, 7.62×39, 300 BO and AR10 platforms using high quality components. Lifetime guarantee on every build!

You can ship us your firearm for a custom trigger job, repair or modification! Usually, within 10 days it will ship back to you with a custom trigger job, repair or modifications complete and tested. For shipping services at half the cost go to Ship My Gun.com

Our Mission

We take pride in every firearm we touch as though it were our own using the finest tooling your firearms deserve. Our prices are fair and the work is licensed, insured and guaranteed!