About us

What We Do

RAMM Tactical makes the best value Glock®/Clone trigger replacements…period. You might find prettier, colorful, fancy triggers that are surely a better choice than the grungy, sloppy, heavy, and uncomfortable factory Glock® trigger, but you won’t find a Glock® replacement trigger like ours. Our Glock® replacement triggers are engineered to reduce the overall trigger travel, reset, and post travel, just as some aftermarket triggers on the market today claim, yet no assembling and disassembling multiple times for tuning. Truly “drop-in” and affordable. What you’ll also get from RAMM Tactical, is a Glock® replacement trigger that produces all those things we listed, plus the advantage of keeping the factory strength springs that comes with the factory Glock® in the first place. By making the return spring heavier to lighten the trigger pull, fights against the striker spring and may cause sluggish resets or worse if also lightening the striker spring. Factory Glock® Engineers have made the reliability and repeatability of Glock® firearms consistently safe and reliable by using designed springs that allow full ignition every pull of the trigger and quick positive resets to make for a workhorse firearm. And they’ve been doing it for years.

There’s a new solution in RAMM Tactical triggers that allows reduced trigger pull weights, reset, reduced trigger travel, pre and post, and is designed with a comfortable feel that will allow you to shoot all the live long day with no discomfort to your trigger finger. Like placing your finger on a custom fit trigger made just for you. You can have the famous “Trigger Guy” custom Glock® trigger job without the wait or expense of a “custom” trigger job!

We have taken the factory design and engineered a better leveraged force, reduced the trigger pull weight from 30% to as much as 40% of factory pull weight. This kit allows you to have your dream Glock® trigger with options to lighten the trigger pull weight from the low 4s to low 3s!! It’s your choice. Most important, wherever you decide to adjust your trigger pull weight, you will experience the reliability and repeatability of a factory Glock®. No more light primer strikes, no long, mushy trigger pulls and no sloppy, sluggish resets.


Our Mission

We are a faith based company who loves God, family values, this country and honest work. Our Creator gives us the motivation to provide our best designs with your safety being our highest priority. We manufacture aftermarket triggers that enhance factory firearms, keeping their safety, reliability, while enhancing their performance at a fair price!