RAMM Tactical Glock “Leverage” Trigger Kit (Gen 5)


• See options below for Gen5 Glock model availability
Leverage triggers are manufactured for factory Glock handgunss

• Always use Glock factory connector and supplied springs

Shoe Material: Onyx-Carbon Fiber Hybrid

• For Gen5 Glock Models: G17,G19,G19X,G22,G23,G26,G27,G34,G35,G45
• Includes-G34MOS,G35MOS,G45MOS
• G43,G43X,G48 are also listed in the pull down menu below!

Trigger Kit Includes:
• Ramm Tactical Leverage trigger assembly (Gen 5 style)
• Flat “Straight” or “Curved” design (3-3.5 lb. trigger pull weight)
• Reduced power safety plunger spring
• 5.5lb striker spring
• Flyer with QR Code Installation Video Link
• Options for “Duty” carry below: Includes our Duty connector and striker spring combo
• For competition use (or Duty Carry Option)

Leverage Trigger Kit Installation:


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Our Glock Gen 5 replacement triggers are engineered to reduce the overall trigger travel, reset, and post travel, just as the many other aftermarket triggers on the market today, yet no adjusting screws or assembling and disassembling multiple times for tuning. Truly “drop-in”. What you’ll also get from Ramm Tactical, is a Glock replacement trigger that produces all those things we listed, plus the advantage of keeping the factory springs that comes with the factory Glock in the first place. If you reduce the pull weight by simply changing to lighter striker springs and heavier trigger return springs, you may end up with an unreliable and possibly unstable firearm. Some may know exactly what we are talking about by learning the hard way! When you lighten up the striker spring, this changes the relationship of the trigger return spring. By making the return spring heavier to lighten the pull, it fights against the lightened striker spring and causes misfires or worse. Factory Glock Engineers have made the reliability and repeatability of Glock firearms consistently safe and reliable by using designed springs that allow full ignition every pull of the trigger and quick positive resets to make for a workhorse firearm. We have taken the factory design and by utilizing a better leveraged force, reduced the trigger pull weight by as much as 50% of factory pull weight. You will experience the reliability and repeatability of a factory Glock but with half the trigger pull weight and half or less trigger travel of the factory Glock trigger. Plus, no more light primer strikes, no long, mushy trigger pulls and no sloppy, sluggish resets.

• Drop-in installation
• 3-3.5 lb. trigger pull weight
• For use in factory Glock Gen 5 style only
• Used with factory connectors only
• Flat or curved trigger shoe
• Ergonomic feel trigger pad
• Kit includes RAMM Tactical Leverage Trigger and reduced power Safety Block Spring, 5.5lb striker spring
• Duty Kit includes RAMM Tactical Leverage Trigger and reduced power Safety Block Spring, Duty connector and 4.5lb/5lb striker spring combo
• No adjustments needed
• You can choose Duty Carry options
• For competition use (or Duty Carry Option)

• Always use Glock factory connector, striker and trigger return springs or supplied springs

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 3 in


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