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AR 15


All gun repairs are treated with the same care as though it were our own gun. We use factory parts when available and in many cases the parts can be reworked to help minimize the costs of repair. Every firearm repair is tested for functionality and reliability.

When there are issues with any firearm, sometimes it requires a complete disassembly to get to the heart of the matter. In this case there was an issue with this Walther P22 not resetting properly along with some feeding issues. Once disassembled we found that the trigger return spring was interfering with the mag disconnect. Problem solved.

After examining the slide, we found the extractor was the culprit with failure to eject. Turns out the extractor from the factory was not doing its job. Rather than installing a new factory extractor, we decided to use one of Volquartsen's upgraded extractors. Now, even the low grade ammo runs flawlessly through this pistol. If you have a firearm that needs some attention, we can help!

Along with general repairs, we can do complete transformations and modifications. If you have a firearm that is an oldie but goodie, we can turn it into an updated version that will look like it just came out of a custom shop. Whether you want to update the look with a new Cerakote finish or add accessories to turn your gun into a tactical monster, we can help. here is an example of an old Sig P230. Made in West Germany, this pistol is in working condition but, has seen better days.

This is the same Sig P230 after a complete transformation. Imagine what we can do to your firearm. Whether handgun, long gun or shotgun, we can transform your old firearm into a work of art! If you have a firearm that has sentimental value or a rare piece that needs some TLC, we can help.