Custom Shop

Our custom shop differs from all the rest because we don’t just specialize in any one brand. So if you have a CZ, Glock, Smith & Wesson Shield, Sig Sauer, Ruger, the list goes on, we can do a custom trigger job that will compete with the best! In general we remove the trigger pre-travel, shorten the reset and lighten the pull weight. In addition, all of our trigger jobs come with a trademark polished feed ramp! We use the factory parts in most cases to give you the best ignition possible with reliability and ultimate performance. You can ship us your gun and within 10 days from the time we receive it, we will customize your firearm and it will ship back to you with a complete, tested custom trigger job.

Shipping Instructions___Read full instructions very carefully!___

Here is a very cost effective (about half the cost) and secure link to a service called Ship My Gun. Click it and from there you can pay for a Next Day shipping label from UPS and put insurance on it (recommended). It will walk you through a process which allows you to choose  your destination FFL (type in our zip code 85284) click on “The Trigger Guy”. It will automatically populate our info and then enter your info, pay and get your shipping label emailed to you very quickly. Note: UPS has free express boxes that you can use for this service. If you aren’t sure the size, go to UPS and get your shipping box first.


To protect your handgun, we recommend you pack it inside the hard shell factory case if available. These are made from the factory to fit snugly and can handle the worst of shipping conditions. Include one empty magazine and do not send ammo. Place that into a shipping box and pack with newspaper or bubble wrap so nothing shakes in either box. You can ship direct to us since we are an FFL and there will not be any transfer of ownership. Once completed, we will call to notify you and settle any invoice at that time. Credit card over the phone is our preferred method of payment. Return shipping will be added to your invoice, cost is usually between $25 and $35 but costs may vary. We use FedEx exclusively for return shipping, but you may use any carrier you like when shipping to us as long as they ship handguns.

Long Guns:

If you don’t have a box we recommend to get one from UPS before using Ship My Gun. Pack it with bubble wrap and make sure you put extra padding around the muzzle. Pack firmly so nothing shakes. Once work is completed, we will call to settle invoice. Return shipping will be added to your invoice. Since long guns are harder to pack and box, they usually are more expensive to ship so we highly recommend using ShipMyGun.

Click this link to save on shipping costs and go to Ship My